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Pirates in Pajamas Method

Story Possibilities Cards

The Pirates in Pajamas method for story creation uses a variety of interactive and imaginative ways to explore the framework of well-established, time-tested stories and folktales, while allowing you to customize your story based on your own setting and character.

The Pirates in Pajamas team has developed the "Story Possibilities" cards, a valuable tool you can use to spark your imagination, develop character and setting details, and create stories that are personalized for your children, grandchildren, students or performance venues.

Examples of the Story Possibilities Character and Setting Cards are shown below. These cards are fun to use on their own, or can be used together with the Story Possibilities "Play'sheets (scroll down to see/download) to more fully develop your story characters, setting, and family integration into your story. They can be used over and over again to explore your own story creation imagination. For some examples of how you can use these cards for a variety of Story activities, check out our Discover the Possibilities .pdf document.

The Story Possibilities Cards are high-quality, professionally designed and printed, UV-laminate coated cards, with high-resolution photography to spark your imagination in the story creation process. They are currently not available for purchase except for in person events.

Each card set includes: 15 Character Cards and 15 Setting Cards


Below are some samples from the four card series currently available.


Angora Series InsertAngora Setting TeepeeAngora Character Dinosaur

Chimpanzee, Horse, Rock Crab, Peacock, Doll, Santa Claus, Abominable Snowman,

Dragonfly, Baby, Sea Lion, Cowboy, Dinosaur, Tiger, Kangaroo, Fairy

Old Barn, Blimp, Amusement Park, Field, Fiery Planet, Sail Boat, Sand Castle, Grocery Store,

Around a Campfire, Teepee, Iceberg, Shipwreck, Rain Forest, Swiss Cottage, Ghost Town


Bermuda Series InsertBermuda Setting Hot Air BalloonBermuda Character Gnome

Llama, Dog, Dolphin, Garden Gnome, Katydid, Meteorologist, Owl, Raccoon, Duck,

Elephant, Pirate, Hawk, Spider, Hermit Crab, Storyteller

Bowling Alley, Abandoned Shack, RV, the Moon, Forest Floor, Playground, Desert, Waterfall,

Hot Air Ballon, Bakery, Ancient Civilization, Ocean Sunset, Rocky Mountains, Subway, London



Corduroy Series InsertCorduroy Setting MarshCorduroy Character Moose

Fish, Koala Bear, Lizard, Polar Bear, Plastic Pink Flamingo, Squirrel, Witch, Cow,

Clown, Butterfly, Turkey, Knight & Dragon, Lion, Moose, Soldier

Mystical Forest, Run-down Truck, Rocketship, Rodeo, Underwater, Mars,
Pumpkin Patch, Deserted Island, Lily Pond, Outer Space, Marsh,

Swiss Alps, Moonlit Night, Emporor's Palace, Hollow Tree


DENIM Series

Denim Series InsertDenim Setting Dinosaur MuseumDenim Character Billy Goat

Jellyfish, Rhinocerous, Rubber Duckie, Frog, Princess, Snowman, Billy Goat, Astronaut,

Ghost, Parakeets, Honey Bee, Camel, Lemur, Chipmunk, Caterpillar

Pirate Ship, Swamp, Redwood Forest, Mountain Meadow, Neptune, Above the Clouds, Big City,

Lighthouse, Orchard, Dinosaur Museum, Oval Office, End of the Rainbow, Train, Beach, Arches

 Here's what the story creation process using these cards might look like:

For Parents and Grandparents:

Imagine your children/grandchildren gathered around you with bright eyes and big smiles. They know you are going to make up a story together. That means giggling, silliness and a lot of fun. You pull out the Story Possibilities cards and suddenly making a story is like playing a game. One child chooses a princess and the other chooses a dragonfly. You ask them questions from the free downloadable play-sheets for characters. They discover that the princess loves bugs of all kinds and has an abnormal fear of peas… And the dragonfly wishes he were a real dragon and hates the taste of bugs… It isn’t long before you’ve picked a setting in “the Marsh” and are transported into a new world where a princess and a dragonfly are best friends. Now using a guided story journey, found only through the Pirates in Pajamas Story-of-the-Month Club, you are able to create endless adventures for your new found pals for and/or with your children.

For Teachers:

Imagine what would happen if you could inspire your students to love writing, practice good communication skills, and develop new ideas – all while learning positive character traits through stories. First, you amaze and delight your students by creating and telling stories made especially for them. Then, you introduce them to the possibility of creating wonderful stories of their own. You reassure them they can also be successful at creating stories – and suddenly you have a room full of eager story-makers. You watch as they flip through the Story Possibilities character cards and find one they can’t wait to write about. Then, you watch them transform as they pretend to be that character while someone else ‘interviews’ them using the questions found on the free downloadable play-sheets created especially for character development. This kind of energy continues as they add sensory details to create their setting. You then witness what children are capable of creating in their imagination as they listen to the guided story journey. These MP3 files can be found by joining the Pirates in Pajamas Story-of-the-Month Club. You watch in amazement as their stories evolve and become increasingly rich with detail as they tell the story multiple times to different classmates. By this time, they will be begging to write their story down so they can keep it!

For Storytellers:

Imagine having fantastic visual elements to use with the many storytelling games you can play using characters and settings. These games can become an incredible interactive element for your elementary/preschool programs. The next time you need a workshop on storytelling, you are completely prepared using the free .pdf downloads for character development, setting development, and story mapping. You’ll be prepared to teach the art of creating and telling stories like you never have before. Or perhaps you’d appreciate an imaginative boost in quickly creating many stories for a particular program or event. By joining the Story-of-the Month club you’ll have instant access to the time-tested plots of folktales, with the added benefit of integrating your imagination to create completely unique, signature stories. No more worries about copyright – you have all the tools you need to create original, fantastic stories.

The Story Possibilities Cards shown above can be purchased as individual decks or as a complete set of four decks.
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Want more ideas of how to use your Story Possibilities Cards? You can download a short document HERE with 15 activities/games you can play right now using the cards. 

To learn more about creating stories using the Pirates in Pajamas method, visit the Create A Story page where you’ll find more specific details about how YOU can experience this amazing process. Don't forget to bookmark this site, and check back often for new and updated information.

Try our Guided Story Journey audio files to help with your story creation experience.  You can create a new story specifically tailored for your audience, in under 10 minutes. Try it out - you'll be amazed at how easy it is!