Tools to Create Your Own Brand of Bedtime Story
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Baby Pirates

- The Beginnings of Storytelling -

It is never too early to start telling stories with your children. I started on my path in storytelling with the birth of my first baby. In the beginning, I didn’t create full-blown story adventures like I do now. I started out small; with rhymes and songs. They fit the attention span of my babies/toddlers better, while capturing the same connection of storytelling.

The Value in Starting Young:

Early childhood education research indicates that babies and toddlers learn language by hearing and interacting with language. Having that one-on-one, eye-to-eye connection with your baby while doing a rhyme or song creates an environment where language becomes interesting and meaningful. Many rhymes are interactive, which introduces your baby to turn-taking in conversation. Rhymes that involve your hands or movement develop eye-tracking and muscle coordination. Your baby also learns the power of speaking with expression by watching you.

The Best Reasons for Rhymes & Songs:

All of these benefits are important, but here are my Top 3 favorite reasons to use rhymes and songs with your babies:

1. They're portable. I can’t tell you how many times I have calmed or distracted my baby while we were in the car, the doctor’s office, the grocery store etc…using a rhyme or song.

2. It’s fun. Let’s face it, there are many un-fun tasks to do as a parent; changing diapers, cleaning throw-up, calming colic, etc. Rhyming and singing with your baby is actually fun for both of you. Which leads me to my favorite reason of all…

3. Bonding. I always say that fun = bonding. I love how rhyming and singing with your baby helps you to connect with them in such a positive way. I’ve experienced this connection with my own babies and also with nieces and nephews.

Here’s My Collection:

Over the past several years, I have collected all kinds of rhymes and songs which are now available to you HERE. (Sample rhymes included below.)

The .pdf document is formatted as 8.5x11, then subdivided into 4x6 cards. Please feel free to print them, cut them out, put them in a recipe box or a photo book, and use them! Then, pass it on – tell others you know how and where they can start storytelling with their children.

- Steffani

Below are just a few examples of the Rhymes and songs included in the full document:


Here is a beehive.
Where are all the bees?
Hidden away where nobody sees.
Watch and you'll see them come out of their hive…

Here is a Baby

Here is a baby who needs a nap.
Lay her down in her Mommy’s lap.
Cover her up so she won’t peep.
And rock her till she’s fast asleep.

If You Want To Be a Monster

If you want to be a monster
Well, now’s your chance!
Cuz everybody’s doing the monster dance.
Stomp your feet.
Wave your arms all around.
Shake it up! Shake it up!
Put them on the ground.
Ooh Ah, Ooh Ah, Ooh Ah,
Ooh Ah Ah!
Ooh Ah, Ooh Ah, Ooh Ah,
Ooh Ah Ah!

Zoom Zoom Zoom

Zoom Zoom Zoom
We’re going to the moon!
Zoom Zoom Zoom
We’re going to the moon!
If you want to take a trip
Climb aboard my rocket ship
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Blast Off!

Little Flea

Creeping, creeping little flea,
Up my leg and past my knee,
To my tummy, on he goes
Past my chin up to my nose,
Now he’s creeping down my chin,
To my tummy once again,
Down my leg and past my knee,
To my toes that little flea.