Tools to Create Your Own Brand of Bedtime Story
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Guided Story Journeys

You are just 10 minutes away from creating a brand new story!

These imagination-based Guided Story Journeys have been crafted by Steffani Raff to guide you through a story.  Each story is carefully chosen, using the time-tested plot of a folktale, to help you create your own customized story, super-quick. You simply put your character in your setting and let me guide you through the plot.  It will be like watching a movie in your mind.  In addition Steffani lets you know what you'll need at the beginning to make the story work and even includes tips for telling your story at the end!

Steffani deliberated on the best way to share these unique story-making audio files and decided to post them all here.  They are available for personal use only.  Please consider donating $5 for each guided story journey you use through PayPal.  As an incentive I will post a brand new Guided Story Journey for every hundred dollars that is donated to our site.  Thank You!  And enjoy!

Here are the guided story journeys I've created so far.  Just read the description, choose a story, and click on the audiofile and your imagination will do the rest.

For more information about how to develop your character and setting, be sure to visit the to the Create A Story page.


1. Changing Places - empathy

 This fun and magical story can get messy while helping your child see that our actions affect others for good or bad.  A group of miniature magical creatures make this guided story journey a favorite with children.

2. Close Call - trustworthiness coming soon!

The main character in this story will learn about being careful where you place your trust after some quick thinking and a narrow escape.  A convincing villain who makes himself trustworthy with his flattering words and a 'confused' friend come together to make this funny tale.

3. The Trouble with Being Invisible -integrity

 Ever wanted to be invisible?  The main character in this story gets the chance.  See what fun (and trouble) the character gets into while showing what happens when you don't act the same whether people can see you or not.

4. Breaking Free - using your brain to deal with a problem

This guided story journey explores the ideas of dealing with fear by staying clam and working together.  Traps and songs and a scary creature make this guided story journey a favorite.


5. Stop Arguing - getting along coming soon!

This guided story journey deals with the age old problem of arguing.  Something surprising happens to the main characters that helps them think before they choose to argue again.


6. A Big Problem - appreciating differences coming soon!

 In this guided story journey the characters discover the importance of everyone in the community - even if they are different.  With wishes, and monsters, and conjuring powers this story will be a hit.

7.Talk of Nonsense - listening without reacting

 This silly story is one of my favorite guided story journeys.  I hope you have fun with this fast-paced and funny tale where the characters become the perfect example of what happens when you react instead of listen.

8. A Magical Transformation - keeping promises

 The main character in this story learns his lesson when he doesn't keep an important promise.  The story is full of magic!  There is an especially fun magical duel at the end that is simply mesmerizing.

9. Learning to See - recognizing different points of view

 In this guided story journey you visit a cave and learn the value of considering everyone's point of view.  Funny and whimsical, this story will help your child see broader than ever before.

10. Come Back Tomorrow - dealing with fear

 Sometimes the best way to overcome fear is to admit you're afraid and feel it.  The tension in this story builds as a scary character threatens to eat the main character but in the endyour child will end up in giggles.


11. More, More, More - being content coming soon!

I love this story because kids are generally pretty happy, but once in a while, you have a child who is never satisfied and continually wants something more, or different than what they have. This is a common trend in our society today – always feeling the need to ‘upgrade’, get the latest and greatest, even if the things we already have are still sufficient for our needs. This story provides a gentle way to remind children that you can be happy with what you already have.