Tools to Create Your Own Brand of Bedtime Story
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Comments from Others

The Pirates in Pajamas methods and tools have been used and enjoyed by numerous people - many of whom felt they were not very creative or didn't think they could create any kind of a story for their family. Here's what some of these people have said about their experience:

  • "I have a daughter who pretty much lives in an imaginary world. I am so excited to connect with her in a positive way where I can enter her imaginary world instead of always trying to bring her into the present world."

         - Katherine J., mother

  • "Wow! Let the stories begin. Such a positive, upbeat experience. It was like you were dreaming while you're awake. I can never remember my dreams, but hey, if you can do it while you're awake... Wow!"

         - Mark P., teacher

  • "The workshop was incredible! Using imagery helped build my story; the Story Possibilities cards were excellent stepping stones to get started.”

         - Shantel P., mother

  • "I love it and want to do it with my family. This workshop provides simple, but ingenious tools that any person can use to create stories for children. A real gift for families.”

         - Wendy G., mother

  • "I never wrote an entire story - a real, whole story, so fast in my life... And I write stories."

         - Chris J., father

  • "Stretched my imagination. I actually came up with characters, a setting, and a whole story for my kids.”

         - Cheri S., mother

  • "I learned how to help my imagination create things that I would have thought would be too hard to create. But it’s not that hard!”

         - Megan H., college student (creating a story for her younger sister)

  • "I’m not creative and I’ve never told a story to my kids. I went to the workshop and couldn’t believe I could actually do it. When I went home my imagination was going wild – it was so exciting!”

         - Lisa A., mother

Try the process for yourself, then let us know about your own experience. Any ideas, comments, or suggestions are always welcome too.

The worksheets used in Steffani's workshops are available free for your personal use.

The Story Possibilities cards are also available to help spark your imagination.